Free Range Hog Roast

Free range hog

Rosemary salt lamb (additional charge

Home made apple, sage and onion stuffing

Apple sauce, mustard, onion chutney

Lamb, chicken and smaller pork cuts are also available for parties less than 70



Select your sides

Squash, mint, cold press rapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds V, Gf, Df

Heritage tomatoes, fresh herbs, cracked pepper Vg, Gf, Df

Feta, cucumber, red onion, oregano, kalamata olives, lemon, tomato V, Gf


Roasted beets, yogurt, mini herbs, fried shallots, thyme oil V, Gf


Roast baby potato, rocket, honey, lemon and cold pressed rapeseed oil V, Df, Gf

Wild garlic, wholegrain mustard, roasted baby potato Vg, Gf,


Carrot, coriandar, cumin, orange juice, poppy seed Vg, Gf, Df


Bread, butter V

F - Fish         V - Vegetarian          Vg - Vegan           Df - Dairy Free            Gf - Gluten Free