Chicken parfait, toast, sweet & sour onion

Apricot ham hock, piccalilli, sourdough

Shredded duck spring roll, 5 spice jus, pickles cucumber (surcharge £2)


Black pudding scotch egg, mini greens, Hollandaise

G&T salmon, sourdough, rocket, avocado cream F

Gruyere and crab cheesecake, candied tomato (surcharge £2) F

King prawn, avocado, lime, Bloody Mary, cucumber jelly F

Leek & roasted squash tart, onion jam, mini greens

Grilled asparagus, shallots, Parmesan, balsamic, beurre noisette

Salad of celeriac, glazed walnuts, pearl onions, Roquefort and pears V

Heritage tomato, burrata, walnut pesto, mini greens V (can be made with vegan cheese)

Roast parsnip velouté, with girolles and thyme Vg, Df

Shitake, oyster and chestnut mushrooms, celeriac puree, celeriac toffee, kale, mushroom ketchup Vg, Gf


Carrot bacon, lettuce, tomato, paprika vegan mayo, sourdough Vg

Deep fried lentil & carrot arancini, roasted tomato purée, orange zest Vg

Heritage tomatoes, roasted red pepper in smoked rolled aubergine, oat milk béchamel, cold pressed 

rapeseed oil, crispy basil, sourdough crumb Vg

Roast candy tomatoes, peanut butter hash brown, mini greens, sunflower seeds, cucumber mirin Vg 


Rump steak (medium), beef bon bon, leek confit, potato gratin, chimichurri

Pork belly, fennel seed, pomme puree, Jam Shed reduction, Chinese mushrooms, pak choi, parmienter potatoes

Rolled herb lamb, fondant potato, honey snips & carrots, salsa verde

Haricot falafel, harissa carrots, roast fennel, puy lentils Vg Gf

Tagliatelle, butternut squash, pine nuts, golden raisins Vg

Puy lentils, tomato & basil sauce, celeriac, rocket salad, cold pressed rapeseed oil, balsamic dressing Vg

Handmade gnocchi, wild mushrooms, micro greens Vg

Pressed celeriac, orange juice roasted carrots, thyme oil, potato rosti, burnt lemon Vg

Mildly spiced curry, fennel, cardamom, roast turnip, courgette, khobez, pilau rice

Plant based burger, vegan mayo, sweet & sour pickles, hot sauce, whole meal bun, sweet potato fries, coleslaw Vg


Pear frangipane, Chantilly cream V

Chocolate torte, berry compote, crème fraiche V

Lemon & Berry meringue, Chantilly cream V

Lemon tart, summer berry compote V

Passion fruit & coconut cheese cake V

Mixed summer berries, crushed meringue, berry compote, cream V

Mango & vanilla panacotta V

Brownie, vanilla mascarpone, seasonal berries V, Vg available

Banana & toffee cake Vg

Chocolate & orange torte, candy orange peel, berries Vg, Gf 

F - Fish         V - Vegetarian          Vg - Vegan           Df - Dairy Free            Gf - Gluten Free